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One-in-Ten – 10.09.16

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Praise be Jesus Christ, now and forever! By his healing of the lepers in today’s Gospel, Jesus is shouting, “This is who God Is!—-God is healing, liberating, saving on all levels of reality” (R. Viladesau). God not only healed the lepers physically. Their full and complete life in community was given back to them. So [...]

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True Love – 09.04.16

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Praise be Jesus Christ, now and forever! In today’s Gospel, Jesus is teaching us a lesson about what true love means. Have you ever nursed a sick family member or a beloved animal through difficult days and nights? Had to administer medications, hold them, wash them, be with them right through their last breath? Are [...]

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The Feast of St. Rose 0 08.23.16

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St. Rose of Lima Listen to Father Ed’s homily at Mass this morning: 08.23.16 St. Rose of Lima The first canonized saint of the New World has one characteristic of all saints—the suffering of opposition—and another characteristic which is more for admiration than for imitation—excessive practice of mortification. She was born to parents of Spanish descent [...]

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