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A New Law – 02.19.17

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Praise be Jesus Christ now and forever! How many of us could “offer no resistance to the wicked,” as Jesus tells us to do in the Gospel today? Can you imagine being loving to your killers, instead of fighting back? After all, we live in the age of “The Terminator,” where getting revenge is not [...]

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Praise be Jesus Christ now and forever! Back in the hippie 1970’s, Stephen Schwartz wrote songs for the musical “Godspell” (an old English word for “gospel”), based on the Gospel of Matthew. In one song, Jesus and his disciples sing: You are the salt of the earth / You are the salt of the earth. [...]

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Christmas Day – 12.25.16

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Christ is Born! Glorify Him! Merry and Blessed Christmas! Today we are celebrating the incredible moment in history when Jesus “came home” to us. It is “incredible”, because, in order for Jesus’ entire life work to happen—his ministry, his crucifixion, and his Resurrection—he had to make himself at home for 33 years in this human [...]

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