May we all be one… – 05.08.16

IMG_0709Christ is Risen, Alleluia! He is truly Risen, Alleluia!

If we re-read today’s Gospel, you might be tempted to say that Jesus repeats himself over and over again. He seems obsessed with the three letter word, “one.” Over and over he tells us that his deepest wish for us is that we become one, and that this is not only his wish, but the Father’s wish also.

Bishop O'Connell with St. Rose "Mercy Kids Club"

Bishop O’Connell with St. Rose “Mercy Kids Club”

Our loving God’s deepest desire for us is to become one – one with God, one with one another, one with nature, one with all that is. If we could only measure everything in our lives by this one foundational desire, then all would be well.

We have created and continue to create too many fractions in life. We divide, we separate, we make distinctions, we hate, we push away, we keep fracturing a whole life into many fragmented parts. Then we wonder why things are in such a mess; why the world is broken; why people are so suspicious of one another; why we simply don’t get along. God created the whole numbers; we created the fractions.

IMG_20160430_180739883And so we hear Jesus praying in today’s Gospel: “May they all be one. Father, may they be one in us, as you are in me and I am in you, so that the world may believe it was you who sent me.” God’s dream for the world is that it be totally united in love. We also have to accept and embrace this vision, and make it our dream, so that we will give of ourselves, as best we can, to make it happen.

We have to nurture God’s dream within our own hearts and minds. We have to be open to see new possibilities. And then, at every opportunity we have to make those possibilities realities. Together, let’s not lose any opportunity to help God’s dream come true.

IMG_1385“Mary’s love for her Son immensely surpassed the love of all mothers for their children. She loved Jesus, who was at the same time her Son, and her God” (St. Alphonsus Liguori). Enjoy this Mother’s Day and may God bless you and keep you always in His Love.

Joyfully in the Lord,

Rev. Msgr. Edward J. Arnister
Pastor, St. Rose Parish
Belmar, NJ

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