First Sunday of Advent – 12.03.17

Praise be Jesus Christ now and forever!

“Jesus said to His disciples: ‘Be constantly on watch, stay awake. You do not know the appointed time will come. It is like a man traveling abroad. He leaves home and places his servants in charge each with his own task, and he orders the man at the gate to watch with a sharp eye. Look around you.’”

We begin a new season of grace, the wonderful time of preparing the way of the Lord, recalling His coming in history, His abiding presence among us now, and looking to discover the way He enters our lives. This year we have four full weeks of Advent.

Like the person in Mark’s gospel, the Lord has entrusted each of us with distinct, yet important tasks. My work is different from others, and if I fail to do it, it will remain undone. How am I going to begin this time of prayer?

Father Ed with our Confirmandi

I can make a resolution not to get caught up only with the material things in our consumer oriented society. My prayer with my family, my reflection on the scriptures, will certainly point me in the right direction. As I consider what I am going to do, I want to include others, the elderly, the sick and the poor, those alone or lonely, to make their lives better. They are part of God’s gift for me to take care of.

May the closing words of the Bible become my mantra each day, simply repeating three words prayerfully ‘Come Lord Jesus.’


Let us not make Advent a time of frantic stress but a spiritual season of expectant joy of the Christ who comes to us in so many ways. May God bless you and keep you always in His Love… let us pray for one another in our parish during this holy season of Advent. Come, Lord, Jesus!

Listen to Sr. Joyce’s reflective reading of today’s Gospel: 

Listen to my homily today: (Posted after Mass.)

Joyfully in the Lord,

Rev. Msgr. Edward J. Arnister
Pastor, St. Rose Parish
Belmar, NJ

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